ION is the only and first framework, designed and produced in middle east which accelerates project implementation and enhance software capability standard.

Main functions:

  • Facilitating the process of design and implementation of medium and large software solution via Java EE by means of least knowledge.
  • Setup and Update Manager
  • License protection
  • Adjusted with most of common database engines
  • Adjusted across all of OS environment including Windows, Linux or IOS

The ION Framework 3.1 includes several modules that provide these range of services:

  • ION Core
  • Storage Engine which is enable of encryption, Indexing and information restoring
  • Web based UI Generator using AJAX
  • Process Manager which is enable of transactions control and registration
  • Specific Report Generator
  • Real-time Search Engine which is fully adjusted with complex right handed language such as Farsi
  • Smart and Role-based Security Management
  • Secure Remote Method Invocation and Web Services which can be used in softwares developed by Java and dotNET
  • Advanced and Secure Backup/Restore
  • User and file manager
  • Mail server
  • Cache Engine

5 reasons why you should use ION :

  • Speed and quality of software implementation
  • Enhancement of project team organization
  • Cost reduction
  • Time saving on repetitive parts like user management and use of pre-programmed modules
  • Sharing features for error handling and supporting purposes