Fast ● Ease of access ● Business Intelligence ready


Store, organize and find your documents, photos, videos and files easily.
Secure your digital wealth across the cloud.

Very fast search and data persistence

  • Real-time and distributed document indexing
  • Less than 1 second query response in every 8 million document
  • Smart and fast data cache


  • Design your own forms of documents
  • Design your own workflow
  • Extract the flexible meta-data from your document

Analytics, reports and publish

  • Search and export your bulk data into standard formats
  • Analyze the information by dynamic reports

Architecture and design

  • N-Tier application design
  • Enterprise and service oriented architecture
  • Based on ION platform
  • Based on Java Enterprise

Operating systems

  • Linux, Windows, UNIX and Mac OSX
  • All mobile OS on clients (Android, iOS and Windows)


  • High performance NO-SQL database
  • Supports base RDBMSs (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and etc)
  • All standard file systems

JTI (Japan Tobacco International) Logistics Digital Archive

  • Clearance process document management system
  • Fast document search and export

Iran Newspaper Photo Archive and International Photo Agency

Sharif University of Technology

  • Workflow document management
  • Web content management

Tones of paper and big spaces just in a book shelf!

Protect your data by disaster recovery options and access it anywhere by any device.