In the highly intensive FMCG industries, it becomes critical to make the right decisions quickly. Therefore, you need the right data in the right format at the right time.  We understand the essence of the consumer goods industries from manufacturing to the final process of making it available for end customers.  We have designed a BI reporting solution that is can be built in Finance, Inventory, Purchasing and Sales Force automation. Through this solution, you do not need to worry about reports that are collected manually.  All of this is exhibited in a simple online interface that needs least training. 

What are the benefits of our software solutions for FMCG companies?

In operational status:

  • Your organization moves from paper documents to electronic documents
  • Reducing the administrative load with less errors
  • Better warehouse inventory management
  • Tighter control of logistics and transportation

At the tactical level:

  • With lower inventory, you can sustain a wider range
  • Through better inventory management, you can optimize your production
  • You can increase your reliability

In strategic terms:

  • Better opportunities to respond to the buying behavior of consumers
  • Improved customer retention through better services

What we can offer for the Retail & FMCG Industry


  • Initial Learning Programs
  • eLearning Content Development
  • Class Room Training  and User/Participant Certification


  • Application Development & Deployment
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Helpdesk and call center design

Infrastructure Support

  • Remote Network Management Services
  • Hardware Spare management Services

Data Analytics

  • Marketing research approach

Testing Services

  • Testing Consultancy
  • Test Planning
  • User Acceptance Testing