Press and Media centers can make use of HAMGAM Media Archiving System which is a stable and cost-effective tool for storing, searching, organizing, and managing huge amounts of archived data, including scanned clippings, photographs, multimedia, electronic files, email, and so on. This system is ideally suited for archivists, and institutes that need to create better storage and distribution systems for their information and likely make money from their archived information.
  • Stack all electronic files, including digitized paper, photographs, and multimedia in one location, with full online accessibility at all times.
  • Sorting and Searching, and managing large amounts of archived data.
  • Long-term data integrity.
  • Historical archiving via precise tagging for future searches.
  • Guarantee that information for public or customer interests is secure,
  • Readily available when required.
  • Ensure 100% document confidentiality through binary encryption